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Edinboro Backflow Testing & Repair

Advanced Testing Services is a leading backflow preventer company serving the Edinboro area. Our backflow preventer testers have been testing, rebuilding, and certifying backflow preventer devices, to ensure safe clean water since 2007. 

Licensed: Advanced Testing Services is licensed to perform Backflow Preventer work in Edinboro.

Certified: Advanced Testing Services testers and inspectors are certified by The American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE).

Registered: Advanced Testing Services is registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Office of Attorney General as a plumbing contractor (PA091524).

Insured: Advanced Testing Services is insured. 

Advanced Testing Services Inc is committed to supporting the standards that have been implemented to protect the public water supply, and our State certified backflow preventer testers will provide you, your family, your company, and your community with comfort in knowing that you have hired a dependable, cost effective and professional backflow preventer plumber in Edinboro.

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